Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Vintage Find...

I had fun with this iPhone photo and a few photo apps! It created just the look I had mind, aged, worn, yet   focusing the attention on the serene and smiling statue. This was photographed at an antique store and the last thing I had in mind was to end up with a perfect digital file. I wanted the photo to look like a treasure from days past.  I used two cool apps that are my favorites, Hipstamatic which worked with the green tones in the image, and also Pic Grunger, which does just that - makes it grungy in a variety of styles. I like the yellowed scratchy edge treatment, it makes the photo look real.

Want to create digital Lo-fi (low-tech coolness) with your dSLR camera? How about vintage film and beautiful texture effects with a painterly look? Stay tuned! New 4 week course coming soon!  We'll cover everything from  Pictorialism to Polaroids. To get an idea of the retro look, check out my Photo a Day. It's all about vintage Lo-fi imagery!  Hope to see you there, I'll keep you posted!

PS - This is an iPhone picture and if I wanted to resize and print it larger, I would use Genuine Fractals 6 Professional Edition. At this moment and until August 6, Genuine Fractals Professional Edition is available for $140 off with this code... DEB6