Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Round Out Your Photography - Shoot Infrared...

One of the most wonderful things about photography is that you have so many destinations to explore. There's something new and different just waiting for you to discover! I've always had a passion for infrared photography. The way light is interpreted by the camera and infrared filter is just beautiful. This photo was taken with an infrared converted camera (standard R72 type filter modification). There are several conversion choices for color effects, however the classic black and white imagery remains my favorite. An infrared image is very different from a color image that has been converted to black and white. Foliage in infrared is generally interpreted as white because it is reflective of infrared light. If this was a color image converted to black and white, the foliage would look gray. Infrared light can be magical, a whole new world!

I hope to see you in my BetterPhoto.com Infrared Photography course coming up Wednesday September 8th! There is already a great group signed up, so don't miss the fun! If you would like to read up on infrared, you can find my book, Digital Infrared Photography at local bookstores or online at Amazon. I'll be giving a workshop here in Orlando in October, and also in New Mexico with Naturescapes in December. Events are posted in the sidebar of my blog along with Photoshop plug-in coupon codes. Don't forget you can use code DEB at Life Pixel for infrared camera conversion.  Make great pictures... in infrared! ~ Deb