Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little romance...

Window dressings in antique stores provide wonderful photographic opportunities. Lace, flowers, and a vintage dress, a romantic find! I liked the vintage look inside the window and thought it would be fun to create a photo that looked like it was taken long ago. To create a nostalgic look, I added several layers of texture and used a "film" preset in Alien Skin Exposure 3 called Autochrome. The grain, texture and slightly faded look adds a little more depth to the digital image making it appear antique.

For street photography, including "window shopping" I use a mid range zoom on my camera and have it out and ready to shoot. Auto ISO comes in very handy for shooting in various light conditions. I also enable Active D Lighting enabled (Nikon) which boosts the mid tones and evens out the contrast in the highlight and shadow areas, creating a better balanced exposure. Aperture priority mode gives me choices on how I want to interpret my subject. Focusing on the subject with a wide aperture allows the  background to fall into a soft blur which helps define the dress. Make great pictures!