Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Create a fine art textured look with your photos...

You can create a fine art look with your photograph by simply applying a texture. A texture layer addition can increase the depth, dimension, and drama of a photograph. It is one of the easiest ways to create a more expressive image. A texture layer can be anything you wish, from painterly looking brushstrokes, to a coarsely textured canvas, to old grunge that appears in the viewfinders of antique cameras. 

Texture can add more personality to an image. You can make a digital image look like an old photo by simulated film effects, or make a photo look more painterly or impressionistic, or even create something more contemporary and abstract. Textures can be applied to a still life, landscapes, portraits… anything goes! 

For this photograph taken in Santorini, I added a beautiful texture called Brushed Rose from Flypaper Textures.  This accentuates the color and texture throughout the image, creating an artistic look, and is very easy to do. You can save 15% on Flypaper Textures by using promotional code DEBS. Have fun with textures!