Monday, August 15, 2011

The Game... Street photography in B&W

I like to try a variety of approaches to photography to keep things interesting. With this image, I worked with the idea of using a Nikon 16mm fisheye lens held above the subjects to create a look that is a little different. My first idea was to photograph from their shoulder level, however holding the camera above the game players created a more dynamic photograph. The players were photographed in Cuba, where dominoes is a favorite pastime. These gentlemen didn't mind my presence, or having me get close to them as they were completely involved in the game.

With this type of candid street photography, black and white can work beautifully to help tell the story. To create an expressive image, I use Nik Silver Efex Pro for black and white conversion. This provides the most control over how I want tonality, texture, light and shadow to be interpreted in the photograph.  You can use promo code DSANDIDGE for any 15% off any Nik product. Have fun shooting! ~ Deb