Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Travel pictures you can take in your backyard...

I love to travel, however you don't have to go far to takes pictures with a concept of travel. This boat looks like it might have been photographed at some exotic location, however it was photographed in my "backyard" of Orlando, Florida. Buildings in the background provide brushstrokes of colorful reflections on the water. This helps to tell a story about the boat and the idea of the location, someplace vibrant and beautiful.

Isolating the boat, and composing so that the reflections surround it, gives the image a suggestion of a wonderful place to be. The exact location is a little mysterious and up to the viewer to decide. This is one of the reasons I love reflections, they can create a magical look with the simplest of subjects. This photo was the cover of Nikon World Calendar a few years ago, and has always been one of my favorite photos. One of the reasons the editors liked it was because I photographed it locally, no exotic travel, which means that any photographer can work with this idea!

Hope you are enjoying the summer! ~ Deb