Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Image Doctors Podcast - Infrared & Cuba

A big thank you to Dr. Jason Odell and Rick Walker for inviting me to be on The Image Doctors podcast this week! I'm excited to have the opportunity, and enjoyed talking with Jason and Rick about infrared photography, and also Cuba! You can download the podcast by clicking here.

Infrared photography is super popular with the new super blue infrared filter available from Life Pixel, a company that converts your camera to shoot in infrared! I like the traditional black and white look too, which is the standard option for infrared conversion. Want to know more? Check out my book, available from Amazon or your local Barnes & Nobles bookstore. You can use coupon code DEB for free ground shipping or shipping of your choice.

Thanks again to Jason Odell and Rick Walker for a wonderful opportunity to talk about infrared photography and about Cuba too, both subjects I'm very passionate about! I hope you enjoy the podcast and big congrats to Jason and Rick for providing such a great podcast!

Happy shooting! ~ Deb