Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parts Dept... #HDR, Wide angle lenses and Textures...

Wide angle lenses work beautifully for many compositions, including this HDR image photographed in the "Parts Dept" of this vintage auto store. A Nikon14-24mm lens takes in all the interesting features in the scene, while HDR enhanced the details, color and exposure, down to the last lightbulb. It's like opening a present to see the result of images processed for HDR!

I also like to add textures to my images, such as the texture in the wide angle HDR photo below. Texture adds depth and dimension, giving an image more character. One of my favorite textures was photographed in Charleston, SC - an aged cracked and peeling painted wall that has wonderful golden tones. You can experiment with blend modes and a texture layer. With the Move tool active, hold down the shift key and press the plus or minus key to scroll through the various blend modes and see the effect each has on your image.

Sounds like fun? Perfect! Join me and a great group of students from around the world for Photoshop - Enhancing Images & Creating Works of Art starting Wednesday December 8th. I can't wait to get started, we cover everything creative in my online course at BetterPhoto, and the best thing is, you can learn in your pajamas. My other course, Infrared Photography also starts December 8th and will be a lot of fun too. Interested in Vintage camera and film effects? Coming soon... I hope to see you in class! ~ Deb

PS - Students and workshop attendees, email me for a 20% discount on Photomatix, and for anything Nik Software using coupon code DSANDIDGE.