Thursday, October 21, 2010

Before/After with Nik Silver Efex Pro - Create nostalgic black & white photos...

As much as I love color photos, black and white holds a timeless appeal. I have a romantic notion about black and white, having started photography by developing film, and making my own prints. There is something very classic and traditional about black and white. With the connotations of color removed, the strength of the photograph relies on other factors. With black and white imagery, light, shadow, contrast, textures, patterns all become more important. Converting an image to black and white allows the foundation of a photograph to become very clear and more meaningful, telling a different story.

One of my favorite techniques for converting photos to black and white is with Nik Silver Efex Pro. Mouse over the image above to see the color version. In black and white, it looks as if it could have been taken long ago, creating a nostalgic look. I like the color version, it's fun and reflects Cuba as it is now, (although it's virtually unchanged including the cars). Portraying the scene with the vintage appeal of black and white just seems to fit.  

Tip - Create a faded color vintage look by reducing the opacity of the filter layer. You can use DSANDIDGE as your coupon code for anything Nik. Make great pictures!