Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Add a little spice to your photos with Topaz Adjust...

Topaz Adjust is one of my favorite plug-ins to enhance detail, color, and exposure. One of the many cool presets in Topaz Adjust is Spicify. This preset does just what it suggests, spices things up a bit! Roll your mouse over the image to see the original. Spicify warmed up the tones in the image, and brought out more detail, creating a more textured look. Creating a new layer for the filter effect lets you adjust the opacity of the layer (making the filter effect less intense). If you convert the layer for Smart Filters, a layer mask will automatically be created for you. Do try Topaz Adjust, it's a must have tool for your photography. You can use this coupon code for a discount for anything Topaz - deborahsandidge. Make great pictures!

PS... If you are heading to PhotoPlus Expo in NYC later this month, please look for me at the Wiley booth on Friday morning, I'd love to say hello!