Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hope to see you Friday at Photoplus Expo in NYC!

I hope to see you tomorrow in NYC at Photoplus Expo! Today I was excited to talk about long exposure photography and the use of optical filters at the Tiffen booth, and Dr. Jason Odell and I hosted a photo walk this afternoon at beautiful Central Park! What fun! We had a great group of talented photographers, and we all enjoyed seeing the fall colors in the park.

Catch up with us tomorrow at Digital Silver Imaging at Photoplus Expo! We will be hosting a raffle prize for our photo walk participants, plus please take a look at how wonderful the printing process is, Digital Silver Imaging does incredible work. The elephant photo was photographed in infrared in Africa, the print comes to life with their fine art printing process. Note Jason Odell's awesome dunes photo top left! Please stop by and say hello to Eric Luden too, great printing and great customer service! Very special birthday wishes to Attilla Fovenyessy who spent his birthday afternoon on our photo walk. Hope to catch up with you tomorrow at Photoplus Expo! ~ Deb