Friday, September 7, 2012

New - Creative Long Exposure Photography Course...

My latest online course on Creative Long Exposure Photography will be launching in November! I'm very excited about it, and I've enjoyed putting together tutorials, techniques and tips to help you round out your long exposure photography. During our four weeks in November, you will be learning to redefine reality through the art of controlling light. We'll cover a lot of material as always in my courses, so be prepared for a month full of fun and learning!

For this class, you'll need a few things to help you control light. If you are considering this course, please email me soon, and I can give you a short list of course requirements and suggestions. You may already have most everything needed, but I'll get you in the loop with a few ideas.

To take this course, you'll need to have a good working knowledge of your camera, and a sturdy tripod. The type of imagery you'll create during this course will need only minimal fine-tuning, but we'll cover image enhancement as well. I'll show you how to optimize the images to look their best through critiques, conversation and virtual coffee! Email me with any questions you may have, and for information about course material. It will be easier to get anything you might need ahead of time. I look forward to seeing you in class in November!