Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Long exposure creativity, Tower Bridge in London

Hello from London! I'm here for a few more days, and I'm very excited about photographing some of the cool and iconic areas of the city. Tower Bridge is just perfect for long exposure photography. I had a lot of fun with this bridge, working with time lapse, long exposure and nighttime shots!

Tower Bridge is equally as nice to shoot during the day as it is at night. With the image above, I used 14 stops of neutral density filtration to hold back the light, creating brushstrokes with the clouds. This works to create a more artistic image with a a location that is often photographed. We'll be covering this and more about long exposure photography in my upcoming online course in November at! I'm very excited to get started!

For my students, I suggest a 10 stop neutral density filter either ring mount, or flat type that mounts in the Lee Foundation Kit such as the Lee Big Stopper (which is currently difficult to find). I like using a wide angle lens, and the flat type filter system which gives me the opportunity to easily use graduated neutral density filters.  This works out very well for long exposure creativity.

I recommend contacting Singh-Ray for their new 100x100mm flat type 10 stop neutral density filter (similar to the Lee Big Stopper). This filter will be available in November, you can pre-order it now. Please let Singh-Ray know you are one of my students, and that you'd like to order the new filter. Please email me if you have any questions about the course. You'll be able to register for Long Exposure Creativity in October at, see you in November!