Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, Paris... Long Exposure Creativity

The Moulin Rouge area is one of my favorite places in Paris! Each street has a different vantage point, along with a million things going on at once. As cars passed, they created streaks of light which added drama of the colorful scene. I had fun capturing taillights during a long exposure time. The Moulin Rouge cabaret building boasts it own windmill, and other colorful lights, perfect for photographing during the blue hour!  You can also spent time photographing many of the neon signs in this area, each different and colorful.
The color was so inviting, everything was vivid and bright, and great to photograph. As it got darker, I began to photograph car trails in front of the Moulin Rouge Building for a little drama and impact. Below is an example of some of the neon signs that you can photograph, they're endless in this area. This is a can't miss location with the Sacre Couer within walking distance, lots to photograph in a small area. The trick here is to photograph over any large buses and people, (they both seem to congregate here). Use a wide angle lens for the story telling imagery, and use a zoom lens to capture the detail shots. I used a Nikon 24-70mm, and Nikon 28-300mm for most of my photography in Paris.
Sign up starts soon at BetterPhoto in October, for my new Long Exposure Creativity class. It will be posted in October, we'll have a blast!  I hope to see you in class this November. I'll cover everything you need to get started with long exposure photography to capture the edge of night and more.  I may have an opening in my HDR Workshop Weekend in St. Augustine in early October, shoot me an email if you are interested! Hope to see you in class or at a workshop!