Sunday, April 22, 2012

Florida's Birding & Photo Fest, hope to see you there!

I'm looking forward to Florida's Birding & Photo Fest held in St. Augustine, Florida next week, April 25-29. Lots of opportunities to photograph birds, landscapes, and cityscapes like we did for my night photography workshops last year.  I'm looking forward to nighttime and artistic imagery workshops this year, more creative fun!
Here, both churches and towers light up the night sky during twilight, when the light is most balanced and beautiful. Dialing in a white balance setting of 4000K accentuates the cool blue tones. We had fun exploring downtown St. Augustine for fun places to shoot. We even did a little light painting at the fountain last year outside of the Flagler College. I'm bringing my FL-W filter for more drama and impact during the blue hour!
Nothing too fancy here, just the view outside my hotel window at dawn. It was a treat to be able to watch the sky change by the minute. I saw three meteors in St. Augustine during the festival, I think that means good luck!
A fisheye view from inside Flagler College at night. A Sigma 8mm circular fisheye on a full frame Nikon D3s camera creates a perfectly round version of a straight up perspective. Lots of fascinating detail throughout the buildings, magnificent to take in. I like this kaleidoscope effect!  This is also an HDR image, which I cover in my HDR presentation at the festival, along with seminars on infrared photography,  and artistic imagery with your camera and Photoshop.  

It was great to catch up with everyone last year and I'm looking forward to this year, meeting new people, lots of fun! The keynote speaker is George Lepp, I'm really looking forward to listening to his presentation! Super group of presenters scheduled with a wide variety of topics covered, it's not just birds. Hope to see you at Florida's Birding & Photo Fest! ~ Deb