Monday, March 1, 2010

Topaz Adjust 4... New!

Check out the new Topaz Adjust 4! This is the latest version of everyone's favorite Photoshop plug-in. If you haven't tried it, now is your chance to take advantage of a fantastic photo editing tool. This is the effect you might have noticed in beautiful photos and wondered just how it was accomplished. To make your photos "pop"- it's the plug-in that will make a big difference in your photography.

If you already have Topaz Adjust 3, the upgrade is free for you! If you want to purchase it, now's the time and here's your coupon code - newadjust. (You'll save $15) and have fun with the new presets included.This code is only effective March 1 - 15 however. If you would like to get the Topaz Bundle, use this code - adjustup. You'll save $30 towards the this excellent set of tools, including Adjust, Simplify, Clean, DeNoise, Remask, Detail, and DeJPEG.

Take a look at the new user interface, very clear and easy to use... Here,  I chose Photo Pop to subtly enhance the color and detail in my image. Do try Spicify, it's another one of my favorites! See below.
You can create a variety of effects by using Topaz Adjust 4. I use and recommend everything Topaz!   Clean 2 creates wonderful effects (browse through my past blog posts to get an idea. Have fun working with everything Topaz! Please send me your photos, I'd love to see what you are creating!

I use Topaz Adjust in a variety of ways as part of my work flow with both color and infrared photography. Want to work a little more with this idea? Join me for one of my online courses starting March 10... Photoshop - Enhancing Images and Creating Works of Art, or Digital Infrared Photography. Hope to see you there!
~ Deb