Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super Color in Infrared...

The best of both worlds, infrared AND color! What a great combination! When I first started out with infrared photography, I used an R72 filter on the lens of my Nikon D100. The surreal factor of infrared is very addictive, and I ended up having my camera converted. Now I'm on my third infrared converted dSLR and a couple of infrared converted compact cameras, wrote a book on the subject that was published by Wiley, and I'm teaching infrared online at You can safely say I'm quite passionate about infrared photography!

What is very cool about the new Super Color infrared filter (590nm) is that you can attain a more colorful image, compared to the standard infrared filter. If you want a traditional black and white infrared image, that's easy - just convert to black and white. Infrared is a great way to creatively round out your photography. Life Pixel offers the new Super Color infrared filter and other options. Feel free to use coupon code - DEB. Have fun exploring infrared!