Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There's an old apple orchard in North Carolina overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. The orchard is covered with ancient elegantly shaped trees. For some reason, they remind me of dancers forever frozen in midst of an enchanted performance.

The trees are beautiful. To see them portrayed in infrared light is just magical, taking on another dimension of reality. Photographed in color, the tree doesn't tell the same story. Infrared photography isn't as daunting as it was with film. The camera I used was converted to photograph in infrared, using a standard R72 type filter. The camera was handheld with a normal exposure time. I used a fisheye lens to enhance the surreal quality of the image. No film, chemicals or darkroom needed.

I'll be in St. Augustine, at Florida's Birding & Fotofest this April. I'll be talking about infrared photography, and a creative approach to photography. Those who know me, know I love everything infrared, and everything creative, so it will be a lot of fun! I hope to see you there!  ~ Deb