Monday, January 11, 2010

The Artist...

A young artist illustrates a few ideas on a sketch pad. In such a colorful and creative outdoor environment, how could one not be inspired?

The painting on this wall doesn't exist anymore. The nature of graffiti can be very transitory! It may not be there later, photograph it as you see it.

A self portrait among the bad jets, the prolific art of RV. Photographing graffiti and graffiti artists presents a unique set of challenges. The most obvious is that the art is often painted on a flat wall. Try using a variety of lenses and angles for more diversity in the images. I used an 8mm circular fisheye for my self portrait. Try using a non circular fisheye too, or a wide angle lens to create interesting photos.

I have yet to pick up a can of paint, but I have tried a little creativity with graffiti, Snap Art and the Comics filter. The graffiti above no longer exists, but I was happy to "virtually paint" with the artists in my own way. Make great pictures!