Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inside looking out...

One of the marvelous features of the camera is that it's a great conversation piece. People stop to talk about photography, compare notes, point out locations, it's a great ice breaker. It's also a wonderful way to gain local knowledge, and to get to know more about the people that you meet.

I met this gentleman in Cuba who is a photographer and runs a small gallery. He volunteered to have his picture taken, and this was one of my favorites. He's surrounded by photos, and I liked taking his picture in context with what he does. This created an image that is more interesting and memorable.

Shooting tips for travel photographers... Let your photos tell a story, capture a sense of place with your subjects, and always have your camera ready. Last but not least, don't be shy. Get to know a little about the people you meet, you'll come away with better pictures.