Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Customize your Classic Car...

Classic cars are one of my favorite photographic subjects. There are many ways to portray them, and I like to create more "character" by changing my point of view. Here, I got down low, set the camera on the ground and shot upwards to give the car a more commanding presence. The different angle is dramatic, and accentuates some of the car's best features.

Next stop - Photoshop! I enjoy experimenting with filters and plug-ins to enhance my photos. It's great to have options to communicate a variety of ideas photographically and artistically. I used different plug-ins for each image giving me a couple of choices in ways to portray my classic car.
Here's a tip... Customize. Create your own one of a kind look, save it as a preset, and mix things up a bit for more interest.
Make great pictures!