Saturday, August 15, 2009

Art.... in a Snap...

Summertime at the beach, Varadero Beach... It can't get any better than this! But, I'll settle for the more local Cocoa Beach, Florida until I can get down a little further south. This is a photo I had fun with, I know - I say that with all my photos! I liked the beach scene, but it just didn't feel quite finished until I created a more artistic rendition.
This was easy to accomplish using a GREAT Photoshop plug-in called Snap Art by Alien Skin. It does just that, art in a snap. There are a lot of variables, and I like mixing things up a bit to get just the results I envisioned. You can use code DEB0902 at checkout for a 10% discount on Snap Art and other Alien Skin software.
Back to the beach for me!