Sunday, February 17, 2013

Texture Blending for Creativity...

Crescent City Bridge photo with a painterly look with  texture blending creativity.
Texture blending is a beautiful way to create expressive one of a kind images. Very different from  plug-ins and filters, textures can take your photos from an edgy grunge look to a soft painterly rendition of the original image. You get to the be the artist! With the photo above of the Crescent City Bridge in New Orleans, I wanted to accentuate the color and add a painterly touch. This is easy to do by adding a layer of texture. With this image, my favorite texture Icy Rose from Flypaper Textures Summer Painterly collection was added to the bridge photo with a blend mode of Soft Light.  For a more intense and defined look, you can duplicate the texture layer. That's all there is to it! If you want to read more about texture blending with photos, you can read my tutorial here. You can use code DEBS for saving on Flypaper Textures!

If you want to learn more about photographing at the edge of night and beyond, come along with me on a workshop, or attend a seminar! My 2013 schedule is just getting started, and new events are being added.  Check the Workshop page of my website to keep posted, or subscribe to the newsletter. Here are a few upcoming events...  Hope to see you soon!

NANPA Summit Photo Walk, Jacksonville, FL

Artistic Imagery Presentation, Oviedo Camera Club, March 2, 2013

Downtown Orlando Photo Walk, March 22, 2013

Presentations Infrared Photography, and Long Exposure Creativity Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs Convention March 15-17 2013

Creative Digital Techniques in Colonial Williamsburg, VA, April 25-28 2013

Badlands of South Dakota, Jun 2-5 2013

Day with Deb Sandidge in Toronto Workshop August 9, 2-13

2013 Canadian Caravan - Kawartha Region of Ontario, August 10-16

Morocco Photography Workshop, March 16-23 2014