Thursday, February 28, 2013

Selective Color with B&W Photography

Cinemagraph of fountain in St. Michel Paris in black and white with red metro sign.
Cinemagraph from St. Michel in Paris
Selective color can add a colorful touch to a black and white photograph. I used to hand paint color on black and white prints with Marshall Oils long ago. It's much easier to do now digitally with selective color options in tools like Nik Silver Efex Pro or Topaz Labs BW Effects. Selective colorization of part of an image can create a lot of drama. With the image above, the red metro sign color was revealed, which takes just seconds to do. This image is also a cinemagraph, part video, part still, and a lot of fun. Plan ahead for a very cool trip to Paris in 2014, click here for more information. Happy shooting! ~ Deb