Friday, January 4, 2013

Get creative with neutral density filters...

Long exposure of clouds and sunset at Melbourne Beach Pier
Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend. It's a gray day here in Florida, and looks like it's going to be a long gray weekend. I'm hoping for a little break of sunshine!

This photograph was taken with a 10 stop neutral density filter, (Lee Big Stopper) which extends exposure time long enough to softly blur the clouds, and water. Neutral density filters give you creative control over light, providing the opportunity to convey the passing of time, and/or create a sense of motion. This allows you to really get creative with your photography!

Long exposure of rushing water under the pier in Naples
A variable neutral density filter is often perfect for creating expressive imagery. The photo above was photographed with a Tiffen Variable neutral density filter. This works to slow down the rushing water under the pier, and creates a sense of motion. A variable neutral density filter allows you to "dial in" a flexible longer exposure time, a must have for every camera bag.

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Happy Shooting!
~ Deb