Thursday, November 1, 2012

Long Exposure Creativity, upcoming webinar with Nik Software...

cloudy evening at old pier at lake monroe
I'm excited to let you know about an upcoming webinar I'll be doing for Nik Software on long exposure creativity! One of the fascinating aspects of photography is the ability to convey the passage of time, and to create a sense of motion through the art and technique of long exposure.  You can create beautiful long exposure images at the edge of night and beyond, and capture surreal photos during the brightness of day. With the use of neutral density filters, you can calm the crashing waves of an ocean, softly blur clouds across the sky, and create the impression of emptiness on busy walkways and streets. This changes everything, the reality, the mood, and the drama of a composition, allowing you to create expressive, fine art imagery.

With this type of photography, you have the option to convert to black and white, which can create a more powerful and timeless image. I'll go over some of my favorite techniques with Nik Silver Efex Pro which is essential for black and white conversion. With long exposure images in color, Nik Color Efex Pro, and Viveza are two tools that I reach for. A light touch of post processing is generally all that is needed. I'll share with you ideas on how to bring out detail, color, and exposure, along with enhancing the ambience of an image.

Click here to register for the Nik Software webinar on Long Exposure Creativity on Thursday November 29, at 7:00pm Eastern time. The webinar will be hosted by fantastic fellow photographer Laurie Rubin! I hope to see you there, and I look forward to your questions and comments on Nik Software and long exposure creativity!