Friday, October 5, 2012

Pont Alexandre 3, and my favorite gear...

The bridge called Pont Alexandre 3 in Paris is beautiful night and day. There were several wedding photos set up here to include the Eiffel Tower which is off to the right. I can see why it's popular as it's a most romantic bridge! Although this location is great to photograph during the day, as night falls, the lights cast a nice glow and reflection in the water that I can't resist photographing. I used a Nikon 28-300mm which is a great travel lens with the D4. My tripod is a CF Feisol 3442 which weighs only 2.31 lbs, very lightweight, I bring it everywhere. My camera bag is awesome for city shooting. It's a messenger style bag that allows you to easily get what you need out of the bag, without setting it down. You know how important this is if you just need to grab a cable release, or a filter, and you are standing in a super busy area. I'm using the Ando 13 from F-Stop Gear, which even fits my Mac Air or iPad. It's very sturdy, yet lightweight and I can pack quite a bit of gear into it, and stay organized. It's the perfect answer for city shooting, I gave it a quite a workout in London and Paris. 
Happy Friday to everyone! I'm off to teach an HDR workshop this weekend. 
I can't wait to meet new photographer friends! ~ Deb