Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New - Perfect Photo Suite 7 from OnOne Software...

Havana, Cuba

Filters and plug-ins are great tools for the photographer, offering a multitude of creative options for image enhancement and optimization. Great news, OnOne Software has just announced Perfect Photo Suite 7. 

Perfect Photo Suite 7 includes the new Perfect B&W,  Focal Point 2, Perfect Portrait 2, Perfect Effects 4, Perfect Layers 3, Perfect Mask 5.2,  and Perfect Resize 7.5 Pro. Focal Point, a selective focus tool that is very easy to use. You can choose a sweet spot of focus, and allow the rest of the image to fall into a soft blur. Beautiful soft focus effects can be achieved with this.  Perfect Resize is the go-to application to image enlargement. I've used this exclusively for years (it was previously called Genuine Fractals), and it's perfect for resizing iphone and smart phone images! 

Perfect Effects was used to add color, drama and texture (clouds) to the image above. Perfect Effects has an impressive selection of effect filters to choose from including black & white, borders, color & tone, darkroom, detail, film, glow, landscape, movie looks (my favorites), photo filters, portrait, textures, vignettes, vintage and presets that you can add. There's a lot creative options to choose from!

Navigation is very straightforward. In Perfect Effects, choose a filter effect from the filmstrip, and stack effects to suit your image. You can use the layer mask option to brush in or out the effect from your image. Very sophisticated, yet very easy!

Availability and Pricing 

The new Perfect Photo Suite 7 will ship in late October 2012. Pre-orders are available 
immediately and will include a complimentary Perfect Photo Suite 7 Creative Companion DVD 
with purchase through September 20, 2012. The Creative Companion DVD includes training 
videos and presets for Perfect Photo Suite 7 and templates from Graphic Authority ($140 value). 
Owners of Perfect Photo Suite 6, Perfect Photo Suite 5, and Plug-In Suite 5 or earlier can 
upgrade to Perfect Photo Suite 7 for $149.95. Perfect Photo Suite 7 is available to new users for 
$299.95. Pre-orders may be made at For more information 
on Perfect Photo Suite 7, please visit  You can use code DEBSANDIDGE for 15% discount on OnOne Software Products.