Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vintage Texture Effects

A vintage postcard of Italy inspired me to recreate a similar look with one of my photos from Burano. When I was in Italy, it was cold and gray, with a cloudless sky, which is perfect for the addition of textures! I used Flypaper Textures for the background, which add depth and interest to the sky. For a really cool sketch effect, try one of the pen and ink filters in Topaz Adjust. For a rich sepia tone, try Tiffen Dfx diffusion with sepia, which softens some of the detail and adds drama. As a finishing touch, I used Postworkshop for more of an golden antique look. I'll be covering this and more in my online course Enhancing Images and Creating Works of Art at Classes start on August 8th, I hope to see you there!