Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blue hour photography

Photographing during twilight can transform an ordinary subject into something beautiful and magical! Many photographers like to shoot sunset, however my favorite time to make pictures is after the golden hour has passed, and the blue hour begins. The sky takes on a deep rich color during twilight, and the light is balanced within the scene... but only for minutes. The sky will soon fade to black, so you'll need to work quickly during twilight.

My tip: Set your camera to 4000K to capture the most vivid and rich blue color in the sky during twilight. If you have Live View on your camera, you can easily see the variations in white balance by scrolling through the different settings.You'll need a tripod to steady your camera, a cable release to trip the shutter, and make sure vibration reduction or image stabilization is turn off. Use mirror lock up if available on your camera, and if you don't have a remote release, you can use the self timer. Use a low ISO and experiment with shutter speeds to create the most pleasing image. Have fun shooting at twilight!