Monday, June 4, 2012

Photographing lightning...

Summer is the perfect time to capture storms in Florida. In June, July and August, beautiful clouds form throughout the day resulting in some very intense weather throughout the state. The rolling clouds and bolts of lighting above were captured in St. Petersburg, Florida. This summer I'll be trying out a new device for capturing lightning called a Lightning Bug by MK Controls. I can't wait for some intense lightning to come my way, and I hope to capture some interesting storms later this month in Kenya and Tanzania as well! This device has adjustable sensitivity, and allows for a frames per second adjustment.  You can also capture lightning as I did with this photo in St. Petersburg, by using a long exposure. However a lightning trigger such as the Lightning Bug will trigger the shutter for you, while you are in safe shelter. Be safe shooting! ~ Deb

PS - Students can use code dsandidgeS12 for free ground shipping on the Lightning Bug. The Lightning Bug is available from MK Controls for $179.00.