Friday, January 13, 2012

Add depth to your photos by adding texture...

Adding texture to a photo can add depth, and a little more drama. Textures can even create an aged or vintage look. There's a little something extra that can draw the viewer in to explore the image more. For the musician, I converted the image to black and white with Nik Silver Efex Pro, using the Full Dynamic (Harsh) preset. This sets the stage for the addition of textures. You can also leave the photo in color, but for this shot, I liked the warm sepia look that the texture provided with the black and white conversion.

There is something mesmerizing about adding texture, a bit serendipitous and a lot of fun! The new collection of Flypaper Textures, Autumn Painterly is fast becoming one of my favorites. I used Ambergris 100% with a blend mode of Soft Light, and a second texture of Xeryus 30% also with a Soft Light blend mode. For a quick tutorial on using Mini Bridge to easily add your texture to an image, click here. You can save 15% on any Nik Software product by using the promotional code DSANDIDGE, and 15% on original Flypaper Textures too by using code DEBS.

Happy Friday the 13th! Enjoy working with textures!