Thursday, December 1, 2011

Travel Photography in Peru, Floating Islands in Infrared

The floating islands of Lake Titicaca in Peru are amazing! Constructed of reeds, these islands serve as home for the Uros, a small population outside of Puno. The reeds that make up the base are constantly replaced, and the spongy sensation of walking on the island is kind of like a waterbed! These boats were fascinating, and several of my Google+ friends mentioned a great book called Kon-Tiki written by Thor Heyerdahl about a 101 day journey from South America to the Polynesian Islands.

This photo was taken in infrared, and converted to black and white using Nik Silver Efex Pro. Infrared is one my photographic passions, a wonderful way to broaden your photographic horizons! Please check out my book, Digital Infrared Photography on Amazon and in bookstores, it makes a nice holiday gift too. Interested in learning more? I'll be teaching Digital Infrared Photography starting December 7 at Please join me at the CNPA - Carolina's Nature Photographers Association for their annual meeting February 9-12. I'll be speaking about infrared photography, and I'll be happy to answer questions and catch up with you there! ~ Deb