Friday, September 9, 2011

Shoot through textured glass for an artistic effect...

You can create an elegant looking artistic effect without any plug-ins or filters. A piece of art glass was used to create the textured look with the photo above. This is very easy and inexpensive to do, and the results can be quite beautiful.

Purchase art glass from a stained glass supply store, an 8x10" piece will work just fine. The store can cut the glass for you, and tape the edges too. Spectrum Glass makes a wide variety of clear textured art glass that you can choose from. My favorites are Granite, Hammered and Artique.

Make an 8x10" print and place it under the glass. In the photo above, I placed the glass directly on top of the print. You can raise the glass slightly for a different effect. Photograph the print through the glass, that's all there is too it! I also shot the flowers directly through the glass for a more abstract look. Overcast days cut down on reflections, a great rainy day activity.

Want to create a painterly look in Photoshop? Try Alien Skin Snap Art 3! You can choose between Pastel, Oil Paint, Impasto, Watercolor or any of a variety of artistic effects. Snap Art is my favorite way to create artistic images. Click here to visit the Alien Skin website and you can use code DEB0902 for a discount of everything Alien Skin. Have a great weekend, and get in touch with your artistic side! ~ Deb