Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creative textures & B&W Effects...

Texturing is a great way to create your own "personalized plug-in" giving your images a unique and beautiful look. The color of the texture can alter the mood and look of the image, making it more nostalgic, vintage, contemporary, or surreal. The key to adding a texture layer is to find the best blend mode that complements your image. 

For a traditional or different look, convert the image to black and white. Topaz Labs B&W Effects was just released! The image below was converted to B&W with a slight amount of diffusion and softness, a feature that I'm enjoying quite a bit. Check out the Transparency slider, this allows you to control color in your image. B&W Effects is available for $29 with the code bwandbeyond until September 18th. You will love it!

The texture I used was from the very talented Paree Erica who has quite a collection of beautiful textures for artistic use. I'm a big fan of Flypaper Textures too. Get creative this week, and try something new! ~ Deb