Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finishing touch - add a cool border or frame to your photos...

I like adding borders or edge treatments to images. Sometimes it's just the finishing touch an image needs. Here's an image that I photographed in Venice, and added a painterly look with Topaz Simplify. I chose one of my favorite edge treatments from OnOne PhotoFrame to add to the artistic look. Easy and fun! You can use code DEBSANDIDGE for any OnOne Software product, including Perfect Photo Suite. 

For any Topaz Labs products, you can use this promotional code for a discount DEBORAHSANDIDGE. We will be covering cool techniques to work with your images creatively in my August courses, Enhancing Images & Creating Works of Art, and Digital Infrared Photography. Classes are filling up fast, and you can take advantage of the summer sale by putting SUMMER11 in the gift card field. Hope to see you there! ~ Deb