Saturday, May 14, 2011

Animal Cracker box, graffiti style...

In the photographic world, there is an expression that goes something like "shoot it when you see it" which is very true. What you see at the moment, may not be there when you get back. This applies to most every type of subject, landscapes, cityscapes, street photography and even these trains with this fantastic "animal cracker box" urban art painting. I loved animal crackers in those little boxes when I was little! I was glad to get a few shots before the train moved on.

To photograph the trains, I made several exposures and merged them to HDR using Photomatix. The area I was shooting was dark in places, and this helped create a better balanced overall exposure. I try to use a variety of techniques and lenses with a good subject. This 8mm Sigma circular fisheye lens created an interesting viewpoint.  Photo tip: Always carry a camera! Have fun shooting! ~ Deb