Sunday, April 24, 2011

Venice at Twilight...

Many photographers pack up their gear right after sunset, however the most magical time to make pictures can be twilight! Patience is key as the sky slowly takes on a vivid shade of blue. Everything looks beautiful during twilight, subject matter can be anything from architecture, to trees, to mountains, nothing is off limits! 

Here, I photographed Venice during a very cold and wintery evening. The lights warm up the scene and the pink glow on the background buildings creates a more inviting picture. This image was also photographed in HDR for more dynamic range in the composition, and a finishing touch of Topaz Labs Simplify added a slight painterly touch. Twilight is a visual treat that you can capture with your camera! You'll come away with very expressive photographs.

Tips for shooting at twilight...
  • Tripod, cable release or camera self timer, low ISO
  • Small aperture for starburst effect 
  • Long exposure to capture streaks of light from passing cars
  • HDR for more dynamic range in the scene (image composites)
  • Shoot cityscapes during the week for the most office lights and car traffic
I hope to see you at one of my night photography workshops at Florida's Birding & Photo Fest in St. Augustine next week! I'll also be covering infrared photography, creativity with your camera, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. St. Augustine is a beautiful historic city with a lot to photograph. Plus, they have the best seafood ever! I hope to see you there! ~Deb