Friday, March 25, 2011

Artistic imagery with Topaz Simplify...

With Topaz Labs Simplify, you get to be an artist creating beautiful imagery that blends the line between photograph and painting! With Simplify, you have quite a few choices for artistic effects such as my favorite, the traditional Buzsim which softens an image creating a painterly look, along with Cartoon, Sketch and more.

Here's a tip:  In the layers palette, right click on the layer and choose Convert to Smart Object. This sets up the layer with a layer mask, which allows you to brush in any details, and lets you go back to the filter interface if you want to alter the filter effects.

Thank you to over 1000 great photographers that have signed up for todays webinar!  I'm excited to share some photos and ideas, and I hope you'll be inspired by the very cool and creative plugin, Topaz Labs Simplify!

PS - Coupon code deborahsandidge for anything Topaz Labs!