Saturday, February 19, 2011

Create an HDR look with cool classic cars and more! Topaz Adjust Webinar this Wednesday...

If you hail a taxi in Cuba, it's likely to be of the 1950's American Classic Car variety, such as the car above. These cars have such great personality! I like making pictures of these old cars by using a wide angle lens and getting in close and at eye level with the headlights. The lower angle accentuates the cars best features, and gives it more character. Capturing a little background gives the car a sense of place, adding another layer of interest to the photo.

I have just as much fun photographing old cars, as I do enhancing them in Photoshop! With this photo, I created an artistic HDR look with a single image. This is super easy to do with Topaz Adjust. You can create an illustrative or realistic HDR look with a single photo of just about anything! Cars, architecture, landscapes and even people photos can be enhanced with an HDR look. I'll be happy to share with you a few ideas for HDR look creativity with a variety of subjects. Follow this link to join me for an informative and fun webinar on Topaz Adjust this Wednesday, February 23 at 3 CST!  You can use code DEBORAHSANDIDGE for anything Topaz. See you there!