Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Create a cool tilt-shift look with Alien Skin Bokeh 2...

I would love an ultra wide 24mm perspective control tilt shift lens. It's on my Christmas list! Until Santa finds out, I'll be creating a toy model tilt shift look with Alien Skin Bokeh 2. This is such a creative tool for Photoshop, very easy to work with and a favorite of students in my Enhancing Images course at BetterPhoto.com.

This scene was photographed from the window of my hotel during PhotoPlus in New York City. You can create the same effect with any image that was taken from up high or far away. The trick (and technique) is to fool the eye by creating selective focus from an all in focus image, which Bokeh 2 does easily. You can also simulate creative aperture shapes for interest and texture (try stars for the holidays). For a "realistic faux" finishing touch, add saturation and contrast  Make great pictures! ~ Deb