Monday, October 25, 2010

Photography Tip - Be a Good Storyteller...

A photograph is an opportunity to create a visual narrative about what you want to communicate to the viewer. Look for elements that will instantly tell a story. Create emotional content through your composition that will connect with others. You can do this through carefully selecting your subject and waiting for the right moment.

I noticed this young egret beginning to preen her feathers in the morning light. What I was feeling when watching her was grace, beauty and a sense of peace. There was something very elegant in the gesture of extending her wing. She seemed to be counting her feathers one by one. I set up my tripod and camera, waiting for the just the right moment to take the photo that would tell my story.

This photograph was taken at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, FL. This location attracts a variety of birds and is the perfect location for finding great subjects. Visit early spring for the highest concentration of birds and activity. I hope to see you there next year. I'll also be at Florida's Birding & Fotofest held in St. Augustine - a great event for photographers. Make great pictures! ~ Deb