Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orlando After Dark...

One of the cool aspects of using a fisheye lens is that it allows you to be very creative! Certain outcomes are predictable, and others are serendipitous - which makes the lens great fun to experiment with! I used a Nikon 16mm fisheye lens to capture all the interesting and colorful elements of the composition. Fisheye lenses can be a wonderful way to expand on creativity. Getting close to the subject helps create a more dramatic image, and the bendy distortions that occur are just too fun!

Photographing after dark allows for a few extra perks. A starburst effect occurs with various points of light when using a small aperture and long exposure. This makes an image a little more cinematic. To add to the drama, shoot to create an HDR image.This photo represents several exposures merged as an HDR image for the most dynamic range. The world seems to come alive at night, capture it!

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