Friday, June 11, 2010

Twilight at the Plaza...

Downtown Orlando is a happening place. This is one of my favorite locations, the Plaza! It has wonderful statues and interesting architecture. The best time to see it is at twilight as the color of the sky paints a beautiful picture. For this image, I used a 16mm fisheye lens that creates a unique distortion that I find charming!

Want to give twilight photography a try? You'll need your tripod, shutter release cable (or you can use the self timer), and bring a flashlight. Arrive at your location before sunset and try a few compositions to find your favorites. Check your white balance setting. City scenes such as this often have mixed lighting, so you may want to experiment with different settings. Shoot in Raw format, so you can tweak things later. Twilight time, camera equipment, and lighting conditions will vary influencing exposure time. This particular image was photographed about 25 minutes after sunset. Have fun shooting! ~ Deb