Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pier Bait House (and how to catch a pelican)...

The Pier Bait House in St. Peterburg, FL is a great place to photograph! You can get Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream here, which you'll need for a hot day. Fishing gear, bait, cold drinks, you name it... it's all at the bait house.

There are pelicans everywhere, waiting for a handout such as the wishful thinking pelican below who was keeping a close eye on me. He let me come close enough to get a birds eye view of his world. I rested my camera on the ground, used a 12-24mm wide angle lens to get this beak-to-lens shot.

I couldn't resist using a little interesting texture for a painterly look in this image. Hope to see you down at the pier one evening! Summer clouds are building and there are many great photo opportunities! 

I hope to see you in online at this Wednesday too! Photoshop Enhancing Images & Creating Works of Art starts for the month of June. One of the many things we'll cover will be ways to use creatively use texture in your photos. Make great pictures! ~ Deb