Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pseudo HDR and Textures...

One of the things I like about Photomatix is the ability to create pseudo HDR images. This means you can use a single exposure with Photomatix, and the Tone Mapping filter. This doesn't represent an image the the full dynamic range of multiple exposures, but it can work beautifully for a single HDR effect. This is very helpful if you any type of movement throughout the composition, such as cars or people.

This was a test shot, I came back in the evening to shoot at twilight,  but I liked this single image. I used Photomatix to process the image as an HDR. and used the Tone Mapping filter for a more colorful effect.  A single layer of texture adds a little more depth and drama to the image. Email me for a 20% Photomatix coupon code, every little bit helps! Have fun shooting! ~ Deb

PS... Like the HDR look? You'll learn about this and more in my Photoshop - Enhancing Images and Creating Works of Art course, online at BetterPhoto starting on June 9th. I hope to see you there!