Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco...

Ok, I admit that I'm in love with San Francisco! This was taken on the first evening. Rounded the block several times before realizing there are simply no parking spaces to be found. Hiked up a hill, set up my tripod, a storm rolls in and it starts to rain. I'm trying to think positive, that the weather will add "ambience" to the scene, while wishing I had an umbrella. Minutes later, the sky began to glow pink for just a few seconds, and this ended up being one of my favorite shots of San Francisco.

To take this photo, I used a tripod, cable release and a 70-200mm lens. Post processing was easy, just a delicate touch was all that was needed. I used Nik Viveza 2 for subtle enhancements in the image. Make great pictures! ~ Deb