Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dreaming of Summer....

I love this summer composition of sunflowers under Colorado's bluest summer sky. It was so much fun to be in this field surrounded by huge cheerful flowers in every direction! To get the best point of view,  it required a little work on my part. I wanted an flower that faced me, and that was followed by the rest of the flowers. I ended up holding the flower and rotating it slightly to "face" me with my left hand, while shooting with my right hand. There were many bees, and all the while I was being sucked into deep mud, which is amusing... please see my shoes in the next photo!
In Photoshop, I had a little fun with Alien Skin Snap Art!  I wanted to give my flowers painterly brushstrokes of color as if I had painted it with oils. You can do this too with Snap Art Oil Paint (link and code here), or any of the many artistic effects and and endless variables in this very cool plug-in. Make great pictures! ~ Deb

PS! Photoshop - Enhancing Image & Creating Works of Art starts March 10 at I hope to see you there!