Friday, February 19, 2010

End of Day...

I long for summer, warm days, and sunshine. There's something inspirational about the open sea, endless sky, and watching sunset proclaim the end of day. It makes me want to dip my fingers into paint and try to convey what I experienced with creativity and color. But, I'm just a photographer... limited only to my imagination and what I can capture with my digital camera.

Sometimes I look at a photo as a starting point, to see where I can take it next. It's often just the beginning of the image, a "raw" foundation. With this image, my vision was to extend the gentle waves before me, creating a painterly reflection of the boat and setting sun. If I was a painter, this is how I would have painted the picture.

This is the fun part of photography - Photoshop is the artist's palette, and you get to be the artist! Please  join me for my BetterPhoto online course Photoshop - Enhancing Images and Creating Works of Art. Classes start in March,  I hope to see you there!