Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Graffiti and the Classic Car...

This classic car resides somewhere between poetry, cartoon and work of art! The lines of the car are almost impossible, and it was such fun to photograph. The purple and green engine detail in my previous blog belongs to this car, no surprise there! The outside is just as amazing as the inside.

Photographing at car shows presents a host of challenges, especially when trying to shoot for HDR. Inevitably someone will walk into the scene during one or more of the exposures. There are often distracting or unflattering background elements. The easiest solution is to replace the background. I keep a folder of various backgrounds, and chose this colorful graffiti wall photographed in downtown Orlando, FL.

Replacing the background is easy. Try Topaz Remask or the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop to select your classic car, and move it into place with a new background! You can add finishing touches to create drama. We do this in my course at BetterPhoto, Photoshop - Enhancing Images and Creating Works of Art! We're having a lot of fun, and I hope you can join us in December!